Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources

Short Title3.6.38.9
Academic Year2017-2018
SchoolElectrical and Computer Engineering
ProfessorsAssoc. Professor S. Papathanassiou
Lesson DescriptionIntroduction to the Renewable Energy Sources: Current situation and prospects in Greece and in the world, legal framework – Structure and subsystems of the wind turbines – Aerodynamic and mechanical subsystem: Wind characteristics. Basic aerodynamics. Drivetrain. Stall and pitch control. Constant and variable speed operation. Power curve – Electrical part and control: Configurations, electrical generators, power converters, control, grid connection and compensation devices. Wind farm internal electrical networks – Interconnection to the grid: Connection to HV, MV and LV networks. Technical requirements. Analysis methodologies – Evaluation of wind farm energy yield without output power restrictions. Evaluation in autonomous island grids with power curtailments – Photovoltaics: Technology of PV cells, performance characteristics, equivalent circuits, control. Power conditioners. PV arrays. Energy yield evaluation – Solar thermal power stations: Operating principles and technology basics – Economic evaluation of RES investments – Distributed generation – Small autonomous systems – The role of storage and hybrid power stations – Demonstration of a laboratory microgrid.

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